What is Kanopiiis?

An Augmented Recruitment Platform. It activates your reputation by allowing you to participate as a Talent, Referrer, Company or NGO in recruitment processes that reward you.

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Why is reputation needed on Kanopiiis?

Your professional reputation means a lot to others and to you.

Referral is becoming one of the most trusted recruitment processes. Companies are widely leveraging it to bridge the gap between talents and recruiters.

However, one of the problems with the traditional referral system is that companies cannot find candidates further than their employees’ own networks. Online platforms can only be leveraged so far, as a recruiter may have limited knowledge and/or levels of trust of the one providing the referral.

We all know that there is no system yet for ensuring the quality of an endorsement. On professional social networks, people endorsing your profile often have no idea of how you really work. But now Kanopiiis is changing the game. With the addition of reputation, we have found the solution so that you can legitimately trust online business references.

Moreover, few people exactly know how algorithms are working on social networks. But visibility is a function of the number of people with whom you are connected, which is a quantitative and not a qualitative factor. So you may have examples where this flaw leads to the virality of fake news. There are not only facts in life, opinions are important as well. You know that google analyses webpages reputation and ranks them accordingly. In the same spirit, Kanopiiis is a Google for people, that ranks people’s opinions based on their reputation in a specific field.

How does reputation work on Kanopiiis?

Reputation is the main factor of ranking on Kanopiiis

A recruiter opens a Job Lead on Kanopiiis looking for talents and offering a monetary Reward. As a Referrer you can look at the job lead and refer your candidate.

At the end of the process, the recruiter looks at a shortlist of all the candidates that have applied. If your candidate is hired, you get the Reward. There are also possibilities to share the rewards with Nonprofit organizations.

How to gain reputation on Kanopiiis?

Be rewarded to help others and Nonprofits Organizations.

It’s simple. Refer someone you know who is a great candidate for a Job Lead that you see posted on our platform. Your reference will be reviewed first by our system and second by the recruiter for the job.

Upon review of the applicants, the recruiter for the job will award you reputation points based on how precise your reference was and how fit for the job the candidate you referred turned out to be. Since the most weighted reputation points are given after the recruiter interviews the candidate, it serves you as the Referrer to give honest, accurate, and appropriate recommendations.

Spamming candidates or making inappropriate references will ultimately cost you reputation points. Note that by default your reputation is only visible to you and not to any other member.

A second way you get reputation is by sharing your earnings with Nonprofit organizations. The more you give, the stronger your reputation will become.

Everyone has a reputation (not only) on Kanopiiis

Companies and Nonprofits also have a reputation to maintain. Companies are ranked by their employee's reputation average; and Nonprofits are ranked based on their news sharing, especially in the form of feedbacks to Kanopiiis members from whom they have received donations.

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A journey to the center of Kanopiiis

A Rope is a chain of References

On Kanopiiis, you can refer a person to apply for a job while explaining that in case the job does not interest him/her or he/she is not available, he/she can in turn refer another person. Hence a Rope is constituted when the person that you refer chooses not to apply and refers a candidate instead.

Impact for reward and for reputation

A Rope can contain a maximum of five referrers. Why? In a Rope, everyone shares the same Reward. After five Referrers, the person that initiated the Rope without knowing how much it would stretch could lose its interest in the process.

You gain reputation with a Rope, and you cannot lose any because you are not responsible of the final candidate - except in a particular configuration that is explained in the platform. However, you can lose reputation when you are the last Referrer of the Rope, i.e. the one that proposes the candidate to the recruiter. Indeed for you all happens as if you were the only Referrer and you commit for your candidate’s adequacy.

At the end of a Rope, the visibility of the proposed candidate on the Shortlist will primarily be function of the last Referrer’s reputation, but the reputation of all Referrers will also be impacting.

Impact for the system and the communication

When you are invited in a Rope, you cannot anymore belong to another Rope or become Rope Leader for the same Job Lead. This That prevents from fraud or nepotism risks. You belong to the Rope that invites you first.

You can freely communicate with other members of a Rope to exchange informations on the position, recruiting person, team or company, the candidate or the social project(s) linked to the recruitment.

You get new connections on Kanopiiis thanks to Ropes. Your relations will thus truly be professional relationships, with whom you will already have collaborated at least for one project: this Rope.